Friday, November 11, 2011

Song For Leviathan — An Impossible Ode

No yacht not even a submarine or spaceship
can sail from here where I’m at to there where she’s at.

No passage between the many worlds around us
can connect this world with me to that world with her.

Distance is the space between us. And vehicles
travel between places. The wars of gods and men
are just passages to battlegrounds just places.

Maybe I could fall off a boat and get swallowed
by a whale or a creature something like a whale
people can live in and she could get swallowed too
if she happened to fall into the water too
say tripping on a stone while walking on a bridge.

Nobody knows what the word “Leviathan” means.

Is Leviathan an impossible monster
ripping apart the world to keep us together?

Can an impossible monster sometimes succeed
where steam engines and thunderbolts of the gods fail?

I’d sing, “Oh, Leviathan, you are the magic.”

And, “Oh, Leviathan, you are the magician.”

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