Monday, September 22, 2008

Ode To “Smallville”

“Smallville” on TV—
You’re a show that once was great
but now just goes on,

three seasons beyond
an episode anything
like what you’d call good.

I see commercials
for your latest plot gimmick
and sometimes tune in.

But now you’re just sad.
Characters don’t seem themselves,
others gone missing.

Now the strange clothing
is bad wardrobe. The banter
is bad dialogue.

The complications
just make me shrug, not wonder
how you’ll work things out.

I’d like not to see
commercials for next week’s show.
Who needs reminders

that what could have been
never was, never will be?
Be happy, “Smallville.”

I wish you the best.
I hope everything works out.
Good luck with your fans.

But your new stories
will be stories without me
along for the ride.

Try to understand.
We made a go of it but
it didn’t work out.

Be happy, “Smallville.”
I don’t wish we’d never met,
but let’s stop meeting.

And when you’re cancelled
I’ll watch your old DVDs,
remember good shows.

You could have been more.
But you could have been less, too.
Be happy, “Smallville.”

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