Monday, September 15, 2008

Rendering Golems

I’m surprised Pixar
hasn’t made a film
about what happens
in a grocery store
after closing time
when all the pet toys
jump down from their hooks
and out of their bins
and all the cat toys
fight all the dog toys.

I’m surprised Pixar
hasn’t done that yet.

They could even show
an adult subplot
depicting canned goods
and packaged products
exploiting the war
by using the fight
between the pet toys
as a distraction
to secure better
shelf space for themselves.

I’m surprised Pixar
hasn’t done that yet.

Why hasn’t Pixar
made an artifact
about artifacts
fighting artifacts
while at the same time
other artifacts
scramble for profits?
I’d buy a ticket
to see that movie.
And I’d take a date.

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