Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dream Lover Fantasy Update

I’m dreaming of parrots in Ecuador
instead of sailing off from the East Coast
into the sea’s Bermuda Triangle

That post, “Dream Birds,” has one of my favorite YouTube embeds. It’s some strange group playing the Bobby Darin song, “Dream Lover”:

I’ve always liked that song. A few days ago I learned to play it on guitar. It’s pretty straightforward, and I can struggle through it on keyboard, too.

Just in case I’m ever in a dingy cellar with light bulbs dangling from the ceiling and three girls in sexy polka dot dresses need someone to play guitar for them, I’m ready.

I like that fantasy but it’s not my favorite fantasy.

My favorite dream lover fantasy isn’t “Dream Lover,” but rather it’s still my “Year Of The Cat” fantasy—My “Year Of The Cat” Fantasy—with me playing guitar and singing, and a woman playing keyboards and singing along with me.

This “Year Of The Cat” fantasy is getting pretty old and I’m open to the thought of getting a new favorite fantasy, but I’m a little unsure how to swap out a fantasy.

That fantasy was old back in 2008, but, to be absolutely honest here, I still sometimes drift off into that other even older fantasy I talk about in that old post, the one where I play and sing Bread’s “Diary” with Alyson Michalka.

So this is something that’s on my mind right now.

I don’t want to be like, well, Rubber Lizard singing to a picture of Taylor Swift. That’s [coughs] kind of silly. But I think fantasies are good—in general—because they create a solid mental image that a person’s subconscious can then work toward actualizing, making real.

It’s a way of focusing energy to get things done.

I haven’t met Tori Amos or Alyson Michalka or, for that matter, any girls who feel comfortable wearing sexy polka dot dresses, but these fantasies have helped me get up the energy to learn some cool songs. That’s better than nothing. (Well— Maybe.)

But I’m on the look out, now, for a better fantasy. Or at least a newer fantasy.

Dream birds untangle
dream knots. I need a dream yacht
to sail to new dreams.

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