Thursday, October 20, 2011

“Ha, Ha, Rubber Lizard Loves Taylor Swift”

Oh boy.

It’s been kind of a busy day around here at Impossible Kisses.

Little Plastic Doll and Rubber Lizard are having a bit of a fight and I’m sort of stuck in the middle of it. Go figure.

Little Plastic Doll has gotten her hands on a video of Rubber Lizard that Rubber Lizard would rather nobody in the world ever saw. It’s not a sex tape or anything—thank heavens!—but it is something Rubber Lizard would rather keep private.

But the content of the tape has kind of made Little Plastic Doll angry and the last thing any man wants is for an angry woman to have an embarrassing tape of him.

So Little Plastic Doll wanted to up-load the video to YouTube, but I talked her out of that. But I did have to promise her that I’d put the video—it’s Rubber Lizard singing a country song—here on the blog.

I’m sorry, Rubber Lizard, but it’s better this than let the whole world look in on YouTube.

And Rubber Lizard shouldn’t be too embarrassed. I did my own country and western song yesterday and the production values of my video sucked compared to this!

Okay. Since Little Plastic Doll insists, here is Rubber Lizard enjoying himself by performing a country and western classic (well, country by way of Manfred Mann) when he thought he was alone:

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