Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Folklore Of The Carnivore: Taylor Swift

“We get to have such groovy, cool stuff happening. I’ve never had pyro before. I’ve never had aerialists before. It’s got this grand staircase. The stage in itself looks like an old-world theater. I can’t believe we get to play stadiums. I’m so excited about this tour. I want to live on that stage. I hope people leave the concert feeling like they know you better.”

If I was Taylor Swift I wouldn’t tour
with a big staircase and a high-wire act.
I would trust my songs themselves to attract
fans to concerts where the show could be pure.

I’d play in parking lots, asphalt glamour,
just a sponsored stage, nothing to distract
from the love, that is, love in the abstract,
that is, the folklore of the carnivore.

If I was Taylor Swift I’d want to play
for fans for free on a parking lot stage.
There’d be no fireworks flashing above me

distracting from what the lot might betray,
abstract tenderness, the end of an age—
I would want the parking lots to love me.

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