Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Craft Of Wreckage

I’m seeing things
Believe me
I’ve never seen before
But little things
Deceive me

from the theme song
of the Canadian TV show

“Seeing Things”

Somehow, from somewhere, the dinosaurs
are going to come back and our world
will crumble into wreckage, pieces
of cars and pieces of parking lots
tossed about together into piles
of the past nobody has the time
or the desire to sort into chunks
of pure wreckage that can’t be reused
and chunks of auto parts survivors
might craft into, you know, weapons or
machines that do water filtration.

I think the dinosaurs will have plans
for us and we won’t have time for crafts.

A lot of people do not have time
for sorting through wreckage of the past
in our world now without dinosaurs.

I miss an old television show
about a reporter who sometimes
could see short glimpses of the future.

He almost never interpreted
the little things he saw properly
but the show was fun because he tried.

The dinosaurs will eat us. They will.

Before they get me I’ll be hiding
in the wreckage scribbling stuff like this
into notebooks. Just sorting things out.

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