Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ode To The Concept Of Cotton Candy

Amy Winehouse, Amy Winehouse
Bad, bad cheese for a deaf, dumb and blind mouse

Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
The pinball game in your head is tiltin’

Nicole Richie, Nicole Richie
Just the thought of a kiss makes me itchy

Britney Spears, Britney Spears
Don’t even speak till I’ve had three more beers

Winona Ryder, Winona Ryder
Everything she steals piles up inside her

Mischa Barton, Mischa Barton
Curdled milk spilled from an open carton

Alyson Michalka, Alyson Michalka
Rock and roll face in show business polka

Hilary Duff, Hilary Duff
Please go away, I’ve had more than enough

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