Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monster Bears And Knitting

Over the weekend I watched a MonsterQuest episode about the possibility that remnant populations of prehistoric bearsthe short-faced bear (Arctodus simus)—may still exist in Alaska or Siberia or Canada. It was pretty interesting and yesterday I looked around the net for more information on monster bears. When I did a Google image search for monster bear, however, in the first line of results right alongside the pictures of monster bears was a picture of an attractive young woman looking oddly seductive in a very clean cut sort of way.

This picture. I wondered what the connection was between the babe and the bears. So, I clicked into the link.

It turns out the young woman is very, very into knitting. And blogging. She had done a blog post with the title, Little Monster Bear.

I’m not an arts & crafts person, but the ‘little monster bear’ (and sexy picture) got me interested and I looked around her blog.

It turns out, in fact, that she has four blogs. All about knitting. She lives, apparently, in Alaska and I’m guessing those longs days and long nights need to be filled up doing something. She does knitting and blogging about knitting. And her blogs look pretty darn popular. They are:


Argyle Vest-Along!

Knitting Japanese Wannabees

Icarus Shawl KAL

Wow. That’s a lot of knitting and a lot of blogging about knitting.

I’m not an arts & crafts person but I like blogs by people who are serious about what they do and this looks like one serious knitter and blogger. I’ll be checking in again.

Oh, this is what her knitted ‘little monster bear’ looks like. After ‘felting’ (whatever felting is):

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