Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Spaceship That Sparks

If I had a spaceship—I mean a real spaceship
with what science buffs call a reactionless space drive
capable of accelerating at 1G
for hour after hour, sometimes day after day—
I would tweak with the drive to make my spaceship spark
just like the silly-ass spaceships in Flash Gordon
(I mean the black and white Flash Gordon cliffhangers).

I like the idea of a spaceship that sparks.
I don’t know exactly why. I do know that if
you accelerate at 1G you can travel
from Earth to Pluto in only about two weeks.

I’d go sparking, flashing through the outer system.

I’d find some water ice out there around Pluto.
I’d make a raspberry snowcone with leftovers
from the time when our solar system was forming.
Then I’d come back to Earth, sparking all the way home,
and post pictures on my blog of myself eating
the snowcone with Pluto visible behind me
through the spaceship’s viewport. If someone commented
that the image was very good Photoshop work,
I’d say, “No, it isn’t. I flew out to Pluto
in a spaceship that sparks and I made that snowcone
from ice that was primeval. I mean primeval.”
The person would say, “Yeah, sure.” But I wouldn’t care
because I’d be planning to spark my way to Mars
to get eye-to-eye with that Cydonia face.

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