Monday, January 05, 2009

The Coolest Superpower

Well, after talking about it for a long time, I’ve started out the year with a cartoon done with acrylic paint, rather than colored pencils.

Once I buckled down and started doing it, it was fun.

I did this first as a graphite drawing, just like Unfinished Cartoon #1. Then I lettered the caption using a Pigma felt tip (1 mm) pen. (It’s a felt tip pen, but a small, round point not a chisel edge. I tried to use the point something like a brush pen.) Finally I rendered the colors using Liquitex Basic paints mixed with glazing medium.

Right now, that’s my favorite medium: Acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium. If you dilute acrylics with water, they become runny and hard to manage. But if you dilute them with glazing medium, they become as transparent as watercolor or ink (they work milky but dry absolutely clear) and they remain thick and easy to work with.

So, I’m thinking I’ve kind of turned a page here, I’ve entered a larger world—I’m actually working with real paint and real brushes now instead of sticks of color.

(Of course, I realize I’m still working in a silly-assed, mixed-media way by rendering color on top of a graphite grisaille, but the end result is something I’m happy with. And it was fun to do.)

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