Friday, November 05, 2010

It’s Children Screaming

A pregnant woman said she and her husband agreed
they were going to name their new baby girl, ‘Carly.’
“Named for,” someone asked, “the ‘iCarly’ show on TV?”
“Or ‘Carly Simon’?” asked a guy from the hippie breed.

“’Carly Simon’ is fine,” the woman said. “But we need
to do something about that show. It’s on endlessly.
Our oldest girl watches. New shows. The reruns. I see
‘iCarly’ nightmares. That’s not our ‘Carly,’ no, indeed.”

According to show business legend, Jimi Hendrix
performed on a Monkees tour as the opening act
playing to girls screaming endlessly for Davy Jones.

The screaming little girls didn’t scream for guitar licks.
Cash is kids screaming. Not how fans or artists react.
Hendrix quit, threw his Strat at their screaming little bones.

CARLY: Hey, listen, I called Ricky’s office to thank him for all the free steaks and his assistant told me he quit his TV show.

SAM: He’s not doing ‘Food Fight’ any more?

CARLY: He’s not doing anything any more. Ricky’s so depressed he lost to us that he said he’s giving up cooking forever.

SAM: It’s not our fault Ricky went psycho.

FREDDIE: Yeah, but come on, the least we can do is go talk to the guy.

SAM: No, the least we can do is nothing.

from “iCook”
iCarly, Season 3, Episode 2

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