Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Nirvana Vs. The Lost Mountains Of Tibet

At some point I’d decided to stop embedding music videos because I wanted to kind of force myself to get to work and make more of my own. I kind of put aside that resolution for a while and I went back to doing too many YouTube videos.

So I’m going to stop.

But that doesn’t make me happy because the whole mainstream music world doesn’t interest me at all and it’s fun looking around YouTube for interesting live performances. But, nonetheless, I remind myself, too, that this is basically a writing blog, not a drawing or music blog so if I’m not doing videos of music I’ve written myself it’s kind of out-of-place here.


Anyway, so, I’ve decided to cut back on the music videos.

However, I’ve got one I’ve been saving. So I can’t really begin my resolution until I post this one last one. I don’t have a poem to go along with this, or any links to earlier posts. (Except: Squirrels And The Lost Mountains Of Tibet ) I’d been thinking of putting something together using this video for this Friday, but, as I said, I’m trying to get away from other people’s music so I’m not going to do that.

The singer and the song both have interesting histories, but I’m not even going to discuss those. I want to start having an interesting history myself.

But I do have links to Wikipedia for both.

Anyway. I’m just going to post this and move on.

Birds fly
In the eyes of the faithless daughter

At the bitter end

Sacrificed for the new Nirvana

Night time
Sends us on our way

Whisper To A Scream,”
peformed by its writer, Ian McNabb

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