Monday, November 22, 2010

Desire, Wonder And Sleeping Alone

Maria Sharapova got engaged not too long ago. Her fiancé, a professional basketball player, gave her an engagement ring reportedly valued at a quarter of a million dollars. Maria said her fiancé is “sweet” and she said she feels “spoiled.”

Maria Sharapova feels spoilt by her fiancé Sasha Vujacic

Nine billion years ago on another planet—that is to say, in New York in 1967—when musician Frank Zappa got married in a civil ceremony, the official asked Frank for a ring and Frank told him he didn’t have a ring. Frank said the only thing he had with him was the pen he used to fill out the application for a marriage license. So Frank Zappa clipped the pen to Gail Sloatman’s dress and the official declared Frank and Gail husband and wife. They remained married for the rest of Frank’s life.

FZ:My Fabulous Wife


There is a big billboard behind where I’m living. It used to display a giant picture of Maria Sharapova.

Exact Numbers

I’m not a big fan of Maria’s tennis. She’s what tennis people call a bang-bang player. One dimensional. She hits hard but doesn’t move well, doesn’t have an all-court game. But she’s very pretty. Tennis-wise, I like players who have a style, a strategy that goes beyond hitting hard and hoping your opponent misses more than you do.


The billboard people took down the giant picture of Maria just before the French Open tennis tournament started. I had planned on taking a photograph of the billboard and doing a blog post about it during the French Open but the billboard people changed it just before I got around to taking a picture.

For some reason, I still find myself thinking of that big picture of Maria Sharapova.

I miss the giant billboard image.

It used to be the first thing I saw when I drove away from my parking slot, and it would be the last thing I saw from my car when I returned from wherever I’d gone.

Today I took a couple of photographs of the billboard with the new advertising on it and I was going to use one of those photos along with this post, but the photographs weren’t very good.

I’m not sure why I miss that billboard so much. And I’m not sure why I’ve done so many blog posts about Maria Sharapova.

I’ll have to do another blog post or two about her someday when I figure out why I miss her billboard or why I like doing blog posts about her.

But I need to work on my graphics for her.

I mean, hey, some guy gave her a ring that cost $250,000.

I should have kept working until I had a good photograph of the billboard.

Heck, I didn’t even do a drawing of a pen.

No wonder I’m sleeping alone.

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