Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Real Hawk Scares A Fashion Swan

Q. You really did look like a swan in that dress.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Thank you. I'm glad you got the point. I hope everyone else did (laughter).

Q. Do you identify with swans in some way?


Q. You made a point of it being a sort of a swan inspired dress.


Q. Do you feel some sort of kinship with the bird?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: I don't think that was the initial inspiration with the dress. Originally it didn't have as many pleats in the back. I wanted there to be more of a pleat effect in the back, and I think the end result made it look more like a swan. Even on a hanger, it doesn't look as swan-ish as it does on me (laughter).

I don't know. I just put reference to it because a swan is usually white, right, unless it's weird.

Q. They are a protected bird here.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Was that really necessary (laughter)?

Q. Do you think they have a hawk here?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: A hawk? It's a swan.

Q. They have a real hawk patrolling the grounds every day at 9:00.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Does the hawk usually bite the swan? I don't know, does it? Jesus, I might have to cut those pleats away.

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