Monday, July 05, 2010

Homeopathy And The Groupie Hierarchy

“Stop watching the Video Game Channel,
you big bunch of losers! You’re wasting
your life! Get a job! Kiss a girl! Do
something! No offense.”

Sam Puckett
from “iStage an Intervention,” iCarly

I hurt my back a few days ago.

If I were a video game guy
these last three days I’d have played a lot.
But I’m not a video game guy.
I’ve never even owned a console.

Now that I’m feeling a bit better
I was reviewing the last few days
and—strangely, for slacker me—feeling
proud of myself for using my time
at least a little constructively
not being able to walk around.

I typed stuff that sooner or later
will make it up here onto the blog.

I did some drawings with Flair markers
that I didn’t like but, heck, I tried.

I looked into “homeopathy”
because although it’s discredited
it’s a field of endeavor that won’t
go away. Fringe scientists always
are testing out dilute solutions
attempting to prove water somehow
has something akin to ‘memory.’
If there is any truth to that stuff
even if oil can’t evaporate
the water that does evaporate
around the oil gusher in the Gulf
will fall as rain on half the US
bringing its mystical ‘memory’
of pollutants and dead animals
as a grotesque watercolor wash
that will re-paint landscapes and portraits
in ugly colors, polluted, dead.
If there is any truth to that stuff
about water having ‘memory’
it’s a topic that will pop up here
a lot. I do have a memory.

So, anyway, now that I can walk
I was kind of glad I never bought
a Playstation 3. This water stuff
has more of a future than shooting
zombies. Well, at least pretend zombies.

And I was glad I practiced guitar
as much as I did. One of these days
I will get more videos of me
playing guitar up here—I have some
loose ends to tie up with the guitar.

I saw, however, a depressing
guitar note in some print magazine.
Some musician said he was so glad
he made the effort to make the switch
from guitar to keyboard because now
the women who hit on him—he says—
are a much better class of woman.
Yeah. I didn’t even save his name.
And I threw away the magazine.

Yeah. So I’m thinking keyboard players
maybe get some better groupies than
guitar players. (I’ve heard it before.)

But I’m not giving up on guitar.

I’m hoping—at least!—guitar players
still get a better class of groupie
than girls who dig video game guys.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Water Memory at Wikipedia

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