Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Two Swans

I enjoyed the non-fiction book “Black Swan.”

When I heard they—they being Hollywood—
were making a movie with the title
“Black Swan” I wondered what kind of story
a mainstream studio could derive from
what was basically an essay on the
epistemology of randomness.

I found out, of course, the movie “Black Swan”
began its Hollywood life as a script
called “The Understudy” and wasn’t drawn
at all from the non-fiction book “Black Swan.”

In the book, Winona Ryder never
asks anybody, “Did you suck his cock?”

As non-fiction books go, the book “Black Swan”
was a popular and talked about book.

In the movie, the actress confronted
by the question from Winona Ryder,
“Did you suck his cock?” was so popular
she won the year’s Academy Award.

I read the book “Black Swan” and I enjoyed
its speculation about randomness
and rare events and the impact they make.

I never went to see the film “Black Swan”
even though I like Winona Ryder.

Somebody needs to combine these two things
and do a film with Winona Ryder
playing a thoughtful mathematician
who for some reason confronts another
thoughtful mathematician and asks her,
“Did you suck his cock?”   I’d go see that film.

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