Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Britney Shaves Her Head Theory

I think it was just a publicity ploy spurred on by the weird media shills in Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire.

Before Britney split with KFed, he appeared quite a few times on McMahon’s televised wrestling shows. So we know the Britney Spears “people” have contacts with McMahon’s.

Before Britney shaved her head, McMahon had started a convoluted storyline on his wrestling shows involving Donald Trump. This story line was building to a climax—announced before Britney shaved her head—in which either Trump or McMahon would have to shave their head on a wrestling pay-per-view as the result of losing a bet.

On last night’s Raw—02/19—McMahon even used photos of Britney to illustrate how bizarre people look with a shaved head.

My belief, now, is that Britney shaved her head just to pump up the buzz about shaved heads in general and contribute to setting the stage for McMahon’s bet with Trump. All these people have extensive contacts in the media, and all these people are experts at getting publicity and exploiting it.


I first began doubting “news” stories back when Winona Ryder was put on trial for stealing from Saks Fifth Avenue. It occurred to me that Saks got more publicity from the trial then they could have purchased with commercials. And the fact that a star as well-loved and lusted after as Ryder would want to steal from Saks really pumped up the Saks buzz. I believe the whole shoplifting incident was pre-planned—more carefully scripted than many modern movies—and played itself out perfectly. Saks got publicity and nothing bad of any substance happened to Ryder. Everyone’s happy.

And I think the Winona Ryder “trial” really set the stage for subsequent news “management”—where media types script “real life” events so that the events can become part of the cultural buzz around some on-going campaign.

Call me cynical.

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