Friday, March 18, 2011

Sense Of Place

I took a picture of the Moon a few minutes ago. It’s just a hand-held shot. I couldn’t find anything interesting to put in the foreground.

The Moon is not quite full tonight—it’s 99.3% full.

Even though this is just a hand-held pic and I didn’t fuss too much about settings, you can see some of the places I’ve written about.

In the very upper right, the little round dark area is the Sea of Crises.

Below that, to the left, is the Sea of Serenity. And below that, down and just a bit more to the left, is the Sea of Clouds.

Some of my favorite places.

Amy Winehouse In The Sea Of Crises

Whispering On The Moon

Moonlight Becomes You

Earlier, when the Sun was where the Moon is now, I took this picture looking in the same direction:

I love this stuff. It’s a mess, but then, you know, what isn’t?

I love this stuff and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m just sorry that right now I don’t have a song for all the wires in the moonlight.

I think I’d probably sleep more peacefully in the Sea of Clouds, but this is okay right here, right now.

Could be better, of course, but then, you know, what couldn’t?

I’m working on it.

Thin Lines Spread Out Into A Grid

Hooking Up Is About Love

I Can’t Sleep In My Kitchen

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