Friday, December 10, 2010

Hooking Up Is About Love

When the Sun goes down in the west, or north,
or whatever direction it goes down
these days, at the opposite horizon,
whatever direction that is, I mean,
whatever people call that direction,
the blue sky turns a beautiful purple.

It looks so peaceful and so far away
I’ve come to think of those things together.
Far away, that is, looks like it’s peaceful.

I think a good argument you can make
for somebody faking the Moon landings
is more than forty years have come and gone
and no one, I mean, no corporation,
has put up wires from the Earth to the Moon.

Obviously the wires want to go there.

The Moon is like a street light just waiting
for someone to build a pole under it
with transformers and wires and connections
so that everything out there, far away,
can be plugged in here and current can flow
from here to there where it looks so peaceful.

Of course the Moon rotates around the Earth
at a different rate than the Earth revolves
so wires connecting them would get tangled.

But scientists are always fixing things.

If somebody had landed on the Moon
scientists would have fixed the Earth and Moon
by now and hooked up wires from here to there.

Obviously the wires want to go there.

It’s peaceful and far away. Wires love that.

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