Sunday, March 27, 2011

Singing In My Closet

“Singing in the bathtub!”

Singing in the bathtub
Sitting all alone
Tearing out a tonsil
Just like a baritone

Singing through the soap suds
Life is full of hope
I can sing with feeling
While feeling for the soap

Never take a shower
It’s an awful pain
Singing in the shower’s
Like singing in the rain

Reaching for a towel
Happy once again
Watching all my troubles
Go swirling down the drain

So everything is wrapped up, happily. All the characters
are paid-off. Everybody gets what they want. Not much like
a contemporary movie at all, is it?

Joe Dante, Director
commentary track of
“Gremlins Two”

Last Thursday I did a post called “How Illumination Works.”

I was thinking about the words, animation and illumination, and all their meanings. And I was thinking that it would be fun someday to use that still photo as a backdrop in a post using stop-motion animation or full animation to play even more with the sense of the word animation.

But after I did the post the trivial bit I mentioned in passing, the song “Never Been To Spain,” sort of took over. I did a post Friday about the song, “Sheet Music Talk.” And, then, since I mentioned that girl who sings in her closet I didn’t want to create a loose end so I sat down outside a closet and did the song, in my version of her style.

Just to be complete, I put the video on YouTube and went through the procedure to officially make it a video response to her video. I don’t know if she’ll accept it as a response, but I did my part.

I believe I am done with “Never Been To Spain.” I don’t know why I got so interested in this song. I’m not really a fan of Three Dog Night. I don’t like that whole Vegas-lounge-music kind of sound. I’m more interested, I think, in the way Hoyt Axton—a folk singer—had his folk music adapted to that kind of sound. I like folk music.

But I think I’m done with “Never Been To Spain.” I’m doing this as a Sunday post because it really is an aside. Now, well, Monday, I can get back to regular topics, now I can get back to my regularly scheduled obsessions, monsters and parking lots and that kind of stuff.

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