Thursday, December 17, 2009

One Memory, Two Lessons, Three Bad Movies

I’ve watched some bad movies lately. Not good-bad. Just plain bad.

I watched a bad science fiction movie about earthquakes destroying much of North America. I watched a bad monster movie about a giant octopus destroying Tokyo. I watched a bad murder mystery about a school principal killing young girls in Mexico.

These movies were so bad I don’t even want to type their titles.

The only good memory I have from these last three movies is from the giant-octopus-destroying-Tokyo movie: The two American women who ran around acting stupid the whole movie were wearing low-cut sexy tee shirts for the whole film so at least it was fun to watch.

I take away two lessons from this one good memory from the three bad movies.

First, most movie-making books stress the importance of always starting the movie-making process with a good script. Fuck that. Hire a good costume designer. Work out a dynamic plan to make your actors and actresses fun to look at.

If I ever make a film, animated or live action, I’m going to spend as much effort, or more, on costume design as I do on plot and character development.

I had started to suspect this back when I watched “Anaconda 3” and “Anaconda 4”

Monster Snakes And Sexy Tee Shirts

The Sexy Herpetologist Returns! (Sans Sexy)

(And The Girl In The Canadian Negligee)

These last three movies confirm my suspicions.

Second—and this is a real-life lesson for me not a film lesson—I’m going to start up-grading my wardrobe.

Even if I’m a worthless guy to spend time with, maybe if I’m interesting to look at I can go out to dinner more often.

I’ve got to start moving this project forward. Spiffing up my clothes isn’t much, but at least it’s something.

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