Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve At Impossible Kisses

This is a drawing of Beethoven I made a long time ago. It’s 2009 now so in the tradition of the modern world this picture has been photoshopped just a little bit to make Beethoven happy.

This is the Tascam Girl from the GT-R1 ad. That little red thing on her leg is one of the coolest products I’ve ever bought. I use it almost every day and I still love everything about it. It does everything great. It’s one of those rare products about which I can’t find even a single bad thing to say. Great stuff. It’s a cool product. But it’s not as cool as the Tascam Girl playing the Fender. She stole Beethoven’s heart and got him to be all modern and photoshop away his past.

This is Jennifer Connelly as Emma, the lounge singer and the obscure object of desire in the great film “Dark City.”

This is New Year’s Eve at Impossible Kisses.

Beethoven is taking the Tascam Girl to the lounge where Emma is singing beautifully without dancing around and the musicians are playing beautiful jazz slowly. Beethoven and the Tascam Girl are going to have a nice evening and a nice New Year.

Meanwhile in the “real” world the marketplace is saying Lady Gaga’s show in Miami is getting the highest ticket prices for people going out. The “real” world is totally fucked up and is going to have a totally fucked up New Year.

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