Thursday, December 10, 2009

White And Blue Spirals Over Norway

What were the white and blue spiral lights over Norway?

I strongly suspect the light show was exactly that, a laser show of some kind projected from the ground up onto clouds.

I’ve witnessed lasers projected onto clouds and remarkable effects are possible. The demonstrations I saw were many years ago and I believe modern computer-controlled lasers nowadays can reproduce—literally—anything a person could imagine.

That having been said, I want to report the wildest explanation I’ve seen.

The very fringe people at ZetaTalk point out that there have been similar displays recently over Russia and China. The Zetas explanation—to the extent I understand it—is that an astronomical body from the outer solar system they call Planet X is moving through the inner system. As this Planet X passes near the Earth, the Earth’s atmosphere becomes contaminated by debris from Planet X and some of this debris sometimes reacts chemically and electrically with Earth’s atmosphere.

This is pretty crazy stuff, but it is not inconsistent with the odd spiral effects. Components in plasma reactions spiral around lines-of-force and if some odd plasma reaction were taking place in the atmosphere and “grounding” to the Earth it is not too weird to suspect spiral motions would be involved.

But, of course, all that is beyond speculation and in the realm of science fantasy. I’ve been interested in astronomy my whole life and I’ve never seen natural effects like what occurred over Norway in any context.

I strongly suspect it was a laser light show. It looked very much like what lighting designers conjure up at high-end rock concerts.

But of the various oddball explanations I’ve read—LHC effects, wormholes, alien contact—I think the Zetas description is the most interesting.

The best introduction to plasma physics I’ve ever seen is the book, “The Big Bang Never Happened,” by Eric Lerner.

Eric Lerner has his own website: The Big Bang Never Happened Home Page and Summary

Here is the ZetaTalk statement on the Norway event. The statement at the website, linked below, contains embedded links which I’ve removed here:

A dramatic cloud swirl, with a blue neon cloud in the center, was sighted and videotaped over the skies of Norway on December 8, 2009. This was sighted over a range of 250 miles, so was not a local affair. Struggling for an explanation, the Norwegian media proffered that perhaps a Russian test rocket had caused the display. The center of the cloud swirl had a neon cloud, also swirling. This neon cloud was similar in appearance to one captured on videotape in China on June 6, 2009. Both were sighted and filmed at night. Russia likewise had a swirling halo cloud overhead above Moscow recently, much discussed in their media.

The display over the skies of Norway are not noctilucient clouds, which are ice crystals in the clouds catching the light, nor are they earthquake lights. They are also not the smoking and curling light towers caused by methane gas released during Earth movements, suddenly catching fire while aloft in the sky. The Norway display is akin to the neon clouds seen on occasion since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 and the grease in the tail of Planet X has polluted the Earth's atmosphere. The neon appearance is caused by a chemical reaction, akin to man's familiar light sticks. Up until recently, such neon displays required a light source in order to be seen, lit in the dawn or dust by sunlight or the lights from a city. What has occurred over Norway, and recently in China, is a neon cloud, a grease cloud, lit by the electrical charge from the tail of Planet X. Why the great swirl in the clouds around the swirling neon display? An electrical charge in the sky is not a static matter, as the path of lightning shows. Lightning is an accumulation between moving air masses that suddenly builds to the point where a torrent of electrons is on the move. But what if the charge does not accumulate in one place, but is constantly present over a broad area? As with all swirls that develop in nature, they start with a small movement in one place that creates a vacuum pulling matter behind it, and thus builds. Galaxies swirl. Water going down a drain swirls. And these large charged atmospheric swirls are chasing after some part of the tail waft that is more or less charged than the surrounding atmosphere. What occurs at the center of such a charged swirl is more electrical charge than the surrounding swirl, thus the center becomes a neon cloud that can be seen even at night, and wants to discharge, ground, in the Earth.

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12:30am Addendum: I do not discount the semi-official explanation that this was a missile test gone haywire. There would be a number of effects interacting. As a missile spiraled up and out of control, fuel might spray out in a spiral pattern. Also missiles are sometimes launched with chemicals which are designed to glow like high-level clouds. Either fuel spray or chemical leaks would explain the blue spirals. The large white/gray spirals could have resulted from the contrail of the missile above low clouds as the sun, which is below the horizon to observers, casts the shadow of the twisting contrail down onto the low clouds. None of these effects, in themselves, are too unusual at rocket launches. I have seen video of all of these effects coming one or two at a time. I’ve never seen a sequence like the display over Norway result from a missile launch gone bad, but it would not be very hard to believe a bad launch could—under a particular set of cloud-and-sun conditions, result in exactly what everyone witnessed.

4:15pm Update: Mystery solved? Norway's spiral light display 'was down to a failed Russian Bulava missile test'

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HAARP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE SPIRALS. THERE IS A documantary on history channel that came out on july 25th about HAARP and on that program it shows all locations of these HAARP facilities and guess what one of them is located in Norway. Look it up and see for yourselves. Do not believe this crock about a missle bc after u watch that program about HAARP you will understand what HAARP does with raidation to our outer atmosphere.