Friday, June 19, 2009

The Once And Future Mandy Moore

Last week Friday USA Today did a feature piece on Mandy Moore.

I’m just going to pretend that people know who she is. (But I did link to her Wikipedia page.)

Anyway . . .

Last weekend I was going to do a cartoon about Mandy, with her picture, and the caption, “USA Today reports that Mandy Moore helped select the drum sounds for her new album.

But upon further review I decided to scrap the Mandy Moore cartoon and go instead with the cartoon about Joanne Shaw Taylor.

Coincidentally, Joanne Shaw Taylor performed at a bar in Kankakee, Illinois, last Tuesday.

That’s what Mandy Moore has come to: She gets bumped from a blog by an unknown British girl who gets booked in places like a Kankakee bar.

I feel I made the correct choice, but it’s kind of been bugging me all week. I mean, at least Mandy Moore is American and not British. And she used to be really sexy. And she’s still kind of pretty.

You just look at Mandy Moore, however, and you wish there was some substance, something beneath the surface, some character shaping the image.

But, you know, you look around and you wish that a lot these days.

So, in honor of Mandy Moore being so representative of the youth of America—even now that she’s into the five decades of her declining years—I’ve decided to give her this Friday post all to herself.

Here’s to you, Mandy!

The world owes you an apology, but me dedicating this Friday post to you on my blog probably is as close as you’ll ever come to hearing one.

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