Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Girl Update

Yeah, I know, these days that title doesn’t narrow things down much!

But I meant this crazy girl, LeAnn Rimes.

(Squinty-eyed girls—Even when they’re crazy they’re still kind of sexy.)

A couple of weeks back I did a cartoon about her—and I played “Misty” for her!—when her ex-boyfriend’s wife went public and called her a stalker.

The story is still pending apparently. MSNBC reports that In Touch Weekly reports [that’s the mainstream press for you] that LeAnn is about to file for divorce from her allegedly gay husband because she is convinced she can get together with her ex-boyfriend, the guy who allegedly has told her to fuck-off and whose wife has gone public and called her a stalker.

Celebrity romance!

LeAnn’s “people” deny she is about to file for divorce.

My money is on seeing LeAnn in court soon. Either for a divorce action or for something involving cutlery and Bernard Herrmann music.


LeAnn currently is on the cover of Shape magazine [?!] with a couple of other fringe women and surfing around this morning I saw an interesting quote from one of the other women on the cover with LeAnn:

“I’ve gotten some really mean e-mails from fans telling me they think I’ve changed, that I’m not the sweet, innocent Julianne I used to be. My cure for that is to tell myself I’m awesome, I’m confident, and I totally believe in myself!

[laughs] There you go! That’ll do it! I have to go now and have a talk with myself. I’m awesome but I’ve been having self-doubts about being tubular so I need to do some affirmations.

I’m awesome! I’m confident! And I totally believe I’m tubular!

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