Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday In Paris Before It All Starts

Friday in Paris before it all starts
is media day at the French Open
tennis tournament and then play begins
Sunday but on media day players
talk to reporters and get photographed
and fans try to guess who looks in good shape
and which player has the best attitude.

The official media day photo
of Maria Sharapova shows her
looking away from a camera but
she almost smiles at whatever she sees.

At the French Open tennis tournament
independent artists work on the grounds
and for a fee tourists can get painted
or sketched by an artist who works quickly
by hand without using a camera.

I don’t think Maria Sharapova
is looking away from the camera
and watching an artist draw a picture
maybe of a pretty woman tourist
so I don’t think Maria’s expression
is a tight smile putting up a fa├žade
as she thinks, “I wish he was drawing me!”

I don’t think that. But that’s what I pretend.

Play starts Sunday there. Here it never stops.

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