Thursday, January 19, 2012

Distracted By Suspicions Of A Harmony

There’s tennis going on in Australia right now. It’s the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. In her match yesterday, Maria Sharapova beat an almost unknown American girl 6-0, 6-1. It took just barely over an hour.

The post-match interview started out like this:

PRESS: Do you draw a lot of satisfaction from a match like that?

SHARAPOVA: As opposed to what?

If I knew Maria Sharapova
I suspect I’d have to repurpose her.

I mean, she’s very pretty. I’d enjoy
drawing her, trying to capture her look.

But if I were writing, say, a story
about a man involved with a woman
and he comes to suspect she is a witch
with hidden motives and hidden passions
and I also wanted to illustrate
the story, a woman as beautiful
as Maria would be a great model,
but hidden motives and hidden passions
can only be hidden things if something
gets between them and the rest of the world—
visible motives, visible passions.

As opposed to what? I’ve always wondered
that very question. But every time
I try to focus and work out something
I get distracted thinking of witches
or maybe scientists or musicians
or painters. So I never get too far
figuring out the “As opposed to what?”

That’s fine. I’ve got a lot of energy.

A harmony parallel to nature
should be expected, I guess, to require
some heavy lifting and shoving around
to get things lined up right and parallel.

The purpose of the visible motives
and passions is to conceal the hidden
motives and passions—just in case someone
has a reason for looking for such things.

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