Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Synthetic Pigeons, Liminal Entities And Scripts

The Pigeon As A Gadget

There’s no city here
but the pigeon switches on
my city thinking.

There are no paintings here but if someone
painted a pigeon—I mean an image
of a pigeon not a pigeon itself
although these days I suppose an artist
would be more inclined to find special paint
and carefully paint a pigeon’s feathers
then turn loose the bright colorful pigeon
to mix with a flock of standard gray birds
where a crowd of people at lunch could see
the painted bird flying with the others
while the artist captured people’s faces
reacting to the colorful pigeon
with a high-definition camcorder
hoping probably to sell the project
to a corporation to advertise
how their products and customers stand out—
I’d like to see that painting and I hope
it would be carefully crafted in oil
because acrylic paint is just plastic
and I’d like to compare an oil painting
of a pigeon to a real wild pigeon
because I wonder if real wild pigeons
are as real and wild as an oil painting
or have pigeons become as synthetic
and plastic as an acrylic painting.

I would carefully study the painting.

Through a window behind me in the street
a car would be visible driving past.

Driving the car visible behind me
would be a beautiful woman talking
on her cell phone to somebody not there.

The Pigeons Of Atlantis

Brave birds. They stay gray
when everything around them
is a bright color.

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