Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Bird Shadows On The Analemma

A Massachusetts company hopes to start delivering its flying car to customers by late 2011. Terrafugia Inc., founded about five years ago by MIT graduates, got a key go-ahead last month when the Federal Aviation Administration granted a special weight limit exemption to the company for its flying car -- or "roadable aircraft" -- which is called the Transition. With that FAA clearance under the its belt, the company said it is on track to deliver the first Transitions to customers late next year. The Transition, which is designed with foldable wings, successfully completed its first flight on March 5, 2009, after six months of road testing. "To actually have it fly is a dream come true," said Richard Gersh, a vice president at Terrafugia.

Sometimes the records sell the movie. There’s less room for score when there are songs so certainly there’s an impact there on me as a background film composer. I just think it’s hard for filmmakers to stand up to an industry that has a sales dynamic so prevalent in the decision making about product right now. It’s as if in the car industry people who sold the cars were telling the engineers how to make a car. Like, that engine should have twenty cylinders because people like cylinders. You know, it kind of doesn’t make sense to me but I think it’s the reality of how business is done now in the industry.

Composer Shirley Walker
(on her commentary track)

Normally in cold weather around here
sparrows hang out in bushes, packed so thick,
their chirps so loud, their jumps and shoves so quick,
bushes seem to shiver but sing with cheer.

The weather this week has been cold and clear
but it’s as if the cold bushes are sick—
without a bird a branch is just a stick.
Wind whistles. Sticks shiver as if in fear.

I saw six or seven birds a week back
and took a picture. Now the birds are gone.
Businessmen will sell a flying car soon.

I imagine some advertising hack
will declare the science fiction dream won.
We’re George Jetson! The Earth becomes the Moon.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cars Are The New Birds

“Pretty Horrifying But Actually Very Real”

Hot Red Earth, Cold Blue Jazz


        “Help! Jane! Stop this crazy thing!”

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