Friday, January 14, 2011

Basically Just The Lovemongers Doing Zeppelin

On Fridays I like to have something special, but today I’ve got nothing.

Yesterday I sort of summed up the bird and car stuff I’ve been talking about. I’ve got one more post about birds and cars, but I want to include a song and I want to play it on keyboard, but I’ve got a little work left to do before I can actually do that. Well, I can do it now, but not so that I’d want anybody to see and hear me. Soon. I’m getting better.

I really am kind of worried about the birds around here. They haven’t completely disappeared, but except for one set of bushes, the plants are empty. And the largest “bird bush” around here—which is usually so full of birds you can hear them chirping half a block away—only had three birds in it today. I know because I stopped by and tugged at a branch and the sparrows popped out at the top to see what was going on. Three birds.

Then I was going to do a post about fluid turbulence. I know it sounds obscure, but there are many interesting and odd things going on with the clouds of Jupiter and Saturn and there is a particular kind of turbulence—called “Kelvin–Helmholtz instability”—that is worth knowing about. And it is an issue in the electric universe world of plasma, too. But I never actually got around to writing anything. Oops. I’ll get back to that. But here’s a cool graphic I was going to use. And here’s a link to a cool site all about fluid turbulence.

So that’s about all I’ve got even though it’s a Friday. I should have planned better and worked harder. Sorry. I’m ashamed.

Anyway, here’s a weekend video. It’s the Lovemongers [!] playing an old Zeppelin [!] song:

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