Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is This A Junkyard Church

Is this a junkyard church, this decay
around us, bricks, steel and broken glass?
Do rusted gears not turning say mass,
is their oxidation how they pray?

Thick clouds turn sunlight to shades of gray.
A photographer kneels in the grass,
hesitant to intrude, to trespass
the broken bricks and cut wires display.

Tiny computers, tiny motors,
focus the camera in the dim light.
The photographer just frames the shot.

Old factories. Old houses. Old stores.
Broken junk transfigures in our sight.
Tiny glories that won’t be forgot.

When the Eiffel Tower was first constructed very few artists created images of the structure. Many people in France hated the blunt iron tower with its two millon rivets.

The influential French novelist Huysmans denouced the Eiffel Tower as, “the spire of a junkyard Notre Dame.”

The French artist Georges Seurat may have looked like a timid clerk, but he approached art and the world around him with the careful, brave mind of a scientist and, as a friend described him, “the heart of an apostle.”

Seurat thought the structure of iron and rivets was beautiful. He painted the Eiffel Tower late in his career when his approach to image-making was completely his own.

Quotes from, “Seurat,” by Pierre Courthion

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