Friday, November 07, 2008

A Few Moments With Owen And Dodger

DODGER: I’m so sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You have to believe me.

OWEN: It’s okay.

DODGER: I wish I could make it up to you.

OWEN: I know.

DODGER: If I’d known Rich was involved with that girl I wouldn’t have played this stupid joke.

OWEN: What did you say?

DODGER: If I had known Rich was screwing that girl I wouldn’t have talked the others into this.

OWEN: You’re right. You’re absolutely right.

DODGER: I don’t understand.

OWEN: You wouldn’t play some game if you knew Rich was cheating on you.

DODGER: That’s what I just said.

OWEN: You would get back at him.

DODGER: Owen, I’m confused. I don’t—

OWEN: No, you’re not. That’s what you want me to believe. Just like you wanted me to believe that you were off campus when the first IM went out.

DODGER: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

OWEN: Yes, you do. In the chapel you said you ended it with Rich. I don’t think that’s what happened. I think you were still in love with him. I think you knew that girl. And you knew she was still sleeping with Rich. You murdered her. Then you planted the gun. And told me where to find it. I was your guy. From the moment we met. You planned it. The whole thing. You knew I’d shoot him.

DODGER: Owen, that’s crazy.

OWEN: Really? I thought it was the object of the game.

DODGER: Honestly, Owen, even if that were true, who would believe you?

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