Thursday, August 28, 2008

Never Once Harmed By Anyone

Of all the stories I’ve posted over this more than two years of blogging, one of my personal favorites is “Kings And Queens Of The Ancient Seas.” [Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3]

Of all the stories I’ve posted, I think that story of a man stepping away from the contemporary world and joining the cruising world is the one story I would be most happy to make come true.

If I could, I’d go today.

I was first introduced to the cruising world through the books of Lin and Larry Pardey. Their generation had been introduced to the cruising world through the books of Susan and Eric Hiscock.

Lin and Larry Pardey eventually met Susan and Eric Hiscock, did some sailing with them and became friends. Eric Hiscock died a few years before Susan, and Susan continued cruising after his death. When Susan passed away, Lin Pardey wrote an article about the famous couple for “Sail” magazine (10/95).

I always have been struck by how Eric as a senior citizen in failing health had summed up his life to Lin and Larry Pardey. He said, “We have lived such a fortunate life in that during all of our years of voyaging and exploring in unbelievable places, we met all kinds of people—rich and poor—and were never once harmed by anyone.”

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