Friday, August 29, 2008

Charles Moore Goes To Saturn!

I don’t post about programming as much as I’d like to. This may change a bit in the future. I have a couple of new programming tools I may want to chat about.

However, I have come across a new interview with Charles Moore that I want to link to. It’s from ComputerWorld back in June, but I think it’s the most recent thing on the net from Moore. A lot of it is old news, but there’s some new stuff. Here’s my favorite excerpt, and the link:

Do you know of many programs written using Forth, and if so, what's your favourite?

Forth has been used in thousands of applications. I know of very few. The Forth Interest Group held conferences in which applications were described. It was amazing the variety. My current favorite is that Forth is orbiting Saturn on the Cassini spacecraft.

It’s got to be pretty damn cool to know that you invented the language that’s managing the bits for a spacecraft orbiting Saturn!

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