Monday, August 25, 2008

After Dark

Last night just after dark I walked through the house
getting things ready for night. I closed windows,
locked doors, switched on some nightlights, that kind of thing.

Alone in the living room Fluffy the cat
was sitting on top of the big couch twisting
into odd positions as she groomed herself.

I locked the porch door, put down the glass windows.
Alone in the back yard grass a big rabbit
was twisting into odd positions, grooming.

For all the world it looked like Fluffy the cat
and the big rabbit from out in the back yard
were getting ready to go out on a date.

But Fluffy’s a house cat. She never goes out.
And the house stays closed at night. Unless she knows
secret ways in and out she keeps to herself.

I sighed, reminded myself it’s a wild world.
Does anyone really know—does anyone
really want to know—what goes on after dark?

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