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Michelle Wie And Bigfoot

Both of these stories would be more interesting if they were intertwined.

I’d be starting out the week happier if I could report that Michelle Wie had been attacked and eaten by a Sasquatch and then, in a Jaws-like sequence of events, hunters had tracked down the creature, shot it, hung it upside down from a tree, sliced open its belly and watched Michelle Wie’s head drop out and bounce along the ground.

That would be cool.

But I can’t report that.

However, there is news about Michelle Wie and there is news about Bigfoot and I wanted to get these up while they’re reasonably fresh.

(I also want to do a post about the fighting in Georgia, but that can be later in the week. First the important stuff . . .)


As of yesterday, Michelle Wie stopped being a professional golfer. She played in so few LPGA tournaments and played so poorly in the tournaments she appeared in that she failed to win enough money to qualify as a professional and carry a tour card to get into LPGA events next year. If she wants to play next year, she’ll have to participate in a qualifying tournament. Just like a real person.

Wie Fails in Bid for Tour Card

Brent's Golf Blog, by Brent Kelley

Sunday August 17, 2008

The Canadian Women's Open concluded Sunday with Katherine Hull claiming her first career LPGA Tour win by a stroke over Hall-of-Famer Se Ri Pak.

And outside the Top 10, tied for 12th place, was Michelle Wie. Wie played well in Canada save for her opening-round 75. And she earned $36,475, her biggest payday of 2008.

But far, far less than she needed. Wie was trying to win enough money to earn an LPGA Tour card for 2009 without having to go through the LPGA Qualifying Tournament. She needed to finish at least fifth to have a shot. She needed at least $110,000 in total 2008 earnings.

Instead, she finishes her seven LPGA appearances with only around $60,000, a total that will likely rank around 115th on the money list at the end of the season.

And that means that if Wie wants LPGA membership in 2009 - which she has indicated she does - she'll have to get it the old-fashioned way: Q-School.

But will Wie enter Q-School? There have been conflicting indications. A couple months ago Wie pointed out that Q-School dates conflict with important Stanford University dates, and she plans on going back to Stanford the Fall semester. That was before Wie realized she wouldn't make her money goal, however. Lately, she has demurred when asked about Q-School, saying she hasn't made a decision yet. Her father, earlier in the year, suggested that Wie would enter Q-School if necessary.

What do you think - will Wie enter Q-School? I think she will. I believe her agents plus her coach, David Leadbetter, will prevail upon her to do so, stressing the importance of earning LPGA membership the "right" way.

So I think Wie will enter Q-School, and that she'll easily get through Q-School. And in 2009, we'll finally get to see what Wie can do with a schedule that doesn't rely on sponsor exemptions.


This intriguing Bigfoot news broke last week, but I was waiting for confirmation before posting it. However, I don’t see anything happening on the net, so I want to get this up before it disappears, just in case it gets interesting again a few weeks from now. Sometimes Forteana works that way.

Body Of Sasquatch Found?

Reported by: Chris Jones, KUTV

Last Update: 8/16 6:53 am

Two men claim they have definitive proof that Big Foot exists and they say they have a hairy corpse stored in a freezer to prove it.

Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer say they stumbled across a dead Sasquatch while in the woods of northern Georgia. They say it is a 7’ 7“-tall big foot weighing in at 550 pounds.

"What it looks like to me is like a human-ape type creature. It's not a human and it's not an ape, it's definitely something that we've never seen before," said Matt Whitton.

They are not winning over many skeptics. The country's most prominent Big Foot researcher, Jeffrey Medrum of Idaho State University, says it just looks like a costume with some fake guts poured over it for effect.

But not everyone is so sure the picture is a fake. Utah is home to a pretty well-known Sasquatch scholar who speaks all over the country to groups who believe Sasquatch is real.

Darrell Smith of Sandy says he's not convinced that the picture is the real deal, but he also has a sense of wonder that makes it almost impossible for him to discount the claim.

Few people have looked as hard or documented as much as Smith. He’s been out on many expeditions and has lots of pictures of tracks.

He's collected stories for decades and plaster casts of big feet that he says came from the mysterious beast.

“Here’s one. 1977 Fish Lake in the Uinta Mountains.”

There’s a lot of skepticism surrounding the Georgia big foot picture but Smith has an open mind.

“Can’t see the nose very well. It could be a Big Foot’s face. That could be one.”

He's found what he thinks is evidence and he listened to what he believes are true Sasquatch stories. And although solid proof of the Big Foot sometimes runs away from us, Darrell Smith is a believer who will likely never slam his foot down on this enduring mystery.

“I’ve seen tracks just about every time I’ve been up there.”

What do you think? Does Big Foot exist? Vote now in our poll at the top of the page.

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