Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sasquatch And Anime Girl, #4

Anime Girl

Oh, Sasquatch, a construction manager at the new Virgin suborbital tourist spaceport says that soon I must get used to hearing only wind in these trees, because his work crews will round up all the wildlife and relocate it to a nature preserve!


Breath deeply and be at peace, Anime Girl! If any men or women in jumpsuits try to round up me and take me away from you their manager will need an orbital spaceship to collect the pieces of them that I don’t bother to eat.

Anime Girl

Oh, Sasquatch, your jaws can rip through flesh and bone like a person bites through toast, but when I touch your cheek you shiver like a kitten purring. I love you, Sasquatch.


And I love you, Anime Girl. I love you.

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