Monday, March 26, 2007

Rave To The Grave: Return Of The Living Dead #5

I’m talking about this movie today just because I watched it over the weekend and it was not nearly as bad as I anticipated.

Necropolis: Return Of The Living Dead #4” was not just a bad movie—it was so bad it wasn’t even fun, totally without value. Apparently “Rave To The Grave” was made at the same time as “Necropolis” by the same director with much of the same cast but only recently released. That’s a bad sign.

However, “Rave To The Grave” is reasonably fun. It’s a bad movie, don’t get me wrong, but at least it’s a fun bad movie.

The heroine, Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, has a Tara Reid-like kind of pretty, inoffensive charm.

The DVD cover art is pretty cool. The Kari Byron-looking girl in the cover art, sadly, never appears in the movie. Too bad, because Kari Byron as an almost naked zombie would have made the film even more fun . . .

The special effects are generally adequate. There are a couple of terrible effects. Unlike many zombie films, however, “Rave To The Grave” builds to a large, outdoor conclusion, so at least there aren’t endless scenes of zombies staggering through corridors.

If you’re a fan of zombie films and if you enjoy fun bad films, “Rave To The Grave” takes this franchise back to the energy and fun of “Return Of The Living Dead #1.”

Tomorrow: My Favorite Zombie Film

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Gregory said...

I actually liked NECROPOLIS a lot more than RAVE TO THE GRAVE.

The director of both of the recent ROTLD sequels, Ellory Elkayem, was on the Your Video Store Shelf Podcast a week ago. I host the show, and you can check it out at -