Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lindsay Lohan And Rupert Sheldrake

Lindsay Lohan says she aspires
to become Marilyn Monroe.

I suppose I’m gonna get stuck
being the new Arthur Miller.

I was afraid I would get picked
as the new Herman Mankiewicz
but the new Orson Welles is late.

Of course there’s still always the chance
Paris will call and drag me in
as the new F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I’ve completely lost track of who
is the new Hitchcock so I guess
the new Ernest Lehman is out.

The new Thoreau looked promising
but that got axed when budget cuts
eliminated Emerson.

I sometimes wonder why I can’t
just be the new Horace McCoy
or the new Ross Macdonald but
you can’t fight morphogenic fields.

The presence of the past demands
a left hand page follow a right
and you can’t be Arthur C. Clarke
unless there is Stanley Kubrick.

Maybe if I limit my work
to only the internet then
I can avoid the alchemy
and not become anyone new.

But even as I write the words
I smile at the absurdity –

What’s the point of just being me?

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