Monday, August 14, 2006


I switched on the light.

The first thing I saw
was a big spider
next to the light switch.

I wasn’t afraid
before I switched on
the light but seeing
the spider right there
by the switch after
I turned on the light
made me instantly
feel like the spider’s
giant spider friends
were behind my back
holding my shoulders
so I couldn’t move
and now this spider
from by the light switch
would leap on my face
and cover my eyes
and blot out all light
while they poisoned me
and paralyzed me
and slowly ate me
sucking out my guts
with their spider fangs.

I took off a shoe
and smashed the spider
then sat down to write
this poem about it.

I killed the spider
quickly but I wrote
these verse lines slowly
scratching out the words
with my writer fangs.

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