Friday, December 02, 2011

Parking Lot Shadow As A Color-Space

Next, we meet

Her fashion point
is orange and her
preferred fashion area
is Shimokitazawa.

Misaki’s fashion point is orange
and she is very beautiful
and if I could buy a ticket
for a train here in Chicago
that traveled on train tracks to her
I would visit her in real life
to talk about Japanese trains.

The fashion world, mainstream or fringe,
might call my fashion point woeful
not ‘empty-lot’ but counterfeit
‘empty-lot,’ parking lot shadow
a color-space no computer
could organize and no craft knife
could cut into lines, curves or planes.

If clothing is a train we wear
and fashion is paying the fare,
I walk along the tracks and stare
at the landscape ripped up and bare
between stations, out in the air,
somehow spared from industry’s care
like empty lots: Wild flowers grow there.

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