Monday, December 19, 2011

Lost In The Villainy

For a second, for that fleeting instant,
it was as if I left reality
and for whatever’s the smallest unit
that can be used to measure time’s passing,
for whatever is a quantum instant,
I felt like I was living in Smallville
walking somewhere and Lana Lang walked past.

As small as that quantum instant might be
my hand is shaking remembering it
because I also remember clearly
being happy with Lana walking past
in Smallville and wanting to not come back.

Today’s post deals with a bit of a loose end, but only from last week.

Last Wednesday I did a post about how movies almost never show people playing musical instruments or reading books, Returning From A Walk To Mars. But since I’ve mentioned the TV show Smallville a lot here at the blog, it seems worth pointing out that show often had people sitting down and playing the piano for fun or relaxation.

I’ve already included one picture of supervillain Lex playing his grand piano in my post Love Sonnet With Piano Wreckage And Worms. I’ve always liked that moment because it was Lex talking to Lana-as-the-witch.

I’ve also always liked this moment:

Lois’s sister has come to visit Smallville and when Lex discovers she plays violin, he invites her over to the mansion. He plays his grand piano, she plays violin.

I’m sighing as I type this. Yeah. People playing music together for fun.

That’s from Season Four, episode 16: “Lucy”

Of course, in that episode it turns out that Lois’s sister is kind of a bad girl, and she’s trying to pull a con job on both her own sister and Lex, to steal $50,000 from him.

So Smallville did often show characters playing music for fun and relaxation. But Lex is a supervillain and Lucy was a run-of-the-mill villain. Villain’s play music for fun and relaxation.


Over the weekend I learned to play
a simple keyboard arrangement of
“The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.” I first
created the arrangement playing
guitar, then worked it out for two hands
on keyboard as chords and melody.
My keyboard can split to piano
on the left, violin on the right,
so I can pretend I’m performing
with a beautiful villain hoping
to tug at my heartstrings with a con.
That’s okay. I’ve read there’s a saying
in France: In every kiss there’s one
bending to kiss, one tilting a cheek.

When two musicians play together
the villainy is called a duet.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Temping At Impossible Kisses: Chanteuse

Jennifer Connelly sings “The Night
Has A Thousand Eyes”

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