Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Quick Megan Fox Moment

This is not one of those days when I have nothing to say.

However this is one of those days when what I have to say is not exactly earth-shaking. However I want to do this post anyway, so I’m going to do it.

Today’s post is, sort of, about Megan Fox. I’ve written about her once before.

One Quick Megan Fox Moment

I’m not a Megan Fox fan, but I’m still going to do this post about her.

Sort of.

But I want to do some background.

First of all, just the name Megan means a lot me. My first girlfriend was named Megan and I’m still amazed—looking back at what a lunatic I was as a teenager (I mean, look at me now and just imagine a kid just like me but with more energy and even less awareness!)—I’m still amazed any girl wanted to be called my girlfriend, so I will always look back on that Megan with love and I will always react to the name ‘Megan’ with fondness.

Secondly, the name ‘Megan’ has some conflict for me. There’s the fondness because of that girlfriend business I mentioned in the last paragraph. But there is also something like fear, or even soul-wrenching terror, because the young girl in “The Exorcist” was named ‘Regan’ (you know, rhymes with ‘Megan’) and that was/is my pick for the scariest movie ever made. (I still have trouble watching it, and, generally, I just don’t watch it.) I can’t even own a copy of the novel. (To make matters worse, when I went to a Catholic school, my class once went on retreat and stayed at the seminary where one of the real-life models for one of William Peter Blatty’s priest characters was living when something bad happened and the Church instructed him [!] to stop doing whatever research into the occult he was then doing. I slept in a room just downstairs [!!] from the actual real-life room that priest was doing his ‘research’ in. Holy cow!)

So, anyway, that’s some background. Just the name ‘Megan’ pushes a lot of my buttons. The old girlfriend button. The Megan/Regan button. The whole terror-of-Satan button.

One last piece of background. Here at the blog I’ve written about the way the modern pop culture business is obnoxious and brutal in its treatment of women. Even ‘Star Trek’ of all things was less-than-wonderful.

Pirates And Reality Revisionism

Star Trek And Reality Revisionism

Gender Terror And Reality Revisionism

So I’m going to do another post—this brief, brief post—about Megan Fox even though I have no particular affection for Megan Fox herself. As I said in my previous brief post about her, I’ve never even rented the DVD of her movie “Jonah Hex.” She seems really dumb and I don’t like dumb women and she has a tattoo and I don’t like tattoo women. But she has a first name that gets my attention and her particular tribulations with Michael Bay seem to me to be an example of the kind of grief women have to put up with in the pop culture business.

Okay. That’s some background. Here’s today’s post.


I mentioned a while ago that after starring in the first two Transformers movies, Megan Fox got fired from the concluding movie in the trilogy. Or, at least, the third entry in the ‘franchise.’

People have, for the most part, joked about why she got fired. For instance: Top 10 Reasons Megan Fox Was Fired From ‘Transformers 3′

Now, the story coming from the production side of the issue is that Megan Fox got fired by Steven Spielberg because he got pissed off at her for her idiotic comparison of Michael Bay to Hitler.


I’ve become kind of interested in how fans are going to react to her not being in the third film.

Now, people from my generation remember Tina Louise and 1) how we were angry at her for not doing the Gilligan’s Island reunions; and 2) how we were angry at the producers for going ahead with the reunions without her. More recently, people like me were kind of proud of Kristin Kreuk—Lana Lang from ‘Smallville’—for leaving the show when it got so horrible and then not coming back and being part of the awful final season.

So now some people are wondering about “Transformers 3.” Some people think it will be the biggest film of the summer, and might even set box office records.

But people don’t really know what to expect from fans of Megan Fox.

Will her absence have no effect at all on box office?

Will enough people be upset with her not being in the film to actually cause a noticeable hit in ticket sales?

(I actually talked with one guy who didn’t know that Megan Fox had gotten fired and, when he found out she wouldn’t be in the movie, changed his plans and canceled his plans to go to see the film on opening day. Now he plans on just waiting for the DVD.)

I myself wasn’t going to go see it anyway.

But I’ve been checking out industry reaction leading up to the release and today I saw something interesting at an industry blog. I even left a comment of my own at the story. But I was most interested in something somebody said a few comments after mine. Somebody left this comment and interesting observation:

Wow…the most posted story of the day.

Sort of gives one pause…why?

So the answer to the question, “Who cares?’ is…many folks, apparently.

Megan wins!

(That wasn’t me. My comment was four comments up.)

Anyway, so it looks like a lot of people are interested in Megan Fox getting fired. And it looks like a lot of people are letting their hatred for Michael Bay influence them, at least, to have a little sympathy for Megan Fox.

Hmmm. I wonder how the movie will do, and I wonder if—however it does—I wonder if the Megan Fox business will influence the ticket sales?

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