Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maggie And The Fish Head

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in Nuclear Accidents, Beatles, Mean Snakes that I was watching a film called “Vipers”—a killer snake movie, about a resort town terrorized by hundreds of mutant vipers.

It’s not a good movie by any metric, but there is one character who is fun to watch. She is a disgruntled teenage girl named “Maggie,” played by actress Genevieve Buechner.

She is always yelling at adults and running off to do what she wants to do.

At one point she yells at her parents and storms off to be by herself. They never explain why, but she stalks down to the town docks—maybe to buy a hot dog?—and a fisherman is just catching a fish. But as he reels in the fish, something bites the fish in half. The fisherman holds up the head of the fish right when Maggie, all grumpy, is walking past. She looks at what’s left of the fish, then at the fisherman, sneers, and walks away.

Maggie and the fish head.

It’s my favorite part of the movie.


Damn punk kids. They don’t care about the mutant snakes
underwater biting an old guy’s fish in half.

Damn punk kids. In new blue jeans and little backpacks
walking around all grumpy, frowning and sneering.

Damn punk kids. The mutant snakes want to eat you, too,
along with the fish and the old people you hate!

The worst part of getting old like Peter Townshend
isn’t mutant snakes, it’s sneers from the damn punk kids.

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