Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop-Motion Animation Meets Wood Burning


My least favorite way of blogging is “re-blogging” someone else’s content. I almost never do it, but a couple of days ago I saw something so cool that I’m going to re-blog it here.

Over at an Adobe site promoting, mostly, their Creative Suite products, a guy named Jack Nack often puts up great links to cutting edge stuff from the art world. (Adobe products are too expensive for us normal civilians but Adobe programs are the entrenched, standard tools of artists who work for corporations and can expense away the $$$ .)

Monday Nack put up a music video from some Euro-musician that used very cool stop-motion animation. At first I thought it was “just” computer graphics but Nack included a link to a behind-the-scenes video which shows how the music video was created. It turns out the filmmakers actually used real-world physical stop-motion animation, and they built the real-world props out of wood that had been distressed using wood-burning techniques.

Talk about old school meets the new world!

It’s great stuff. And it’s inspiring stuff, too.

Here are embedded, non-HD versions of both the music video and the behind-the-scenes making-of video.

Tim Knol - When I Am King (HD) from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

Making Of Tim Knol's "When I Am King" music video from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

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