Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Understand, But Then There’s Joss Stone

This is one of those posts that has very little—if anything!—to do with the theme of this blog. But since this is my blog and I don’t have to get approval from an editorial board I hereby give myself (another!) free pass to make an exception.

Jeff Beck has become my hero.

Now I want to point out that I never really heard Beck play guitar when I was growing up. I know that’s weird, but I was never into British blues. I’ve even poked fun at British blues here on Impossible Kisses. [ British Blues ]

But a few months ago I put up a post about the incredible young bass player Tal Wilkenfeld who has become Beck’s go-to bass player. That was the first time I heard Beck play. [ I Understand, But Then There’s Tal Wilkenfeld ]

I just thought it was so wild that there’s this funky-looking old guy with this super hot young woman musician. It’s good to be the king. And Jeff Beck along with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page are something like guitar kings. Personally I’d pick Jimmy Page out of that threesome, but Beck seems to get the cool young women who kick ass at music.

And Beck is married [!?] too. What?!

So as if Tal Wilkenfeld wasn’t enough, the June 2010 issue of Guitar Player magazine has this from Jeff:

... So Joss Stone was around and she’s fantastic, so I said, “Look, just come in, you can’t lose—we’ve got a track that’s smoking, and it’s wide open for you.” So she sat there and about an hour later she’d written these lyrics. And what a performance! I was sitting down watching her because I didn’t want to get in the way, and she had a backless dress on. And I’m telling you, that was the most erotic, beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. The muscles she was using, and everything about her breathing—it was just an amazing sight. I wish I had filmed it. I can’t wait to play it now, which means we’re going to have to carry her on the road.

Jeff Beck on, “There’s No Other Me”
Guitar Player, June, 2010

Jeff Beck! Every old guy’s patron saint!

It’s good to be the king.

Or a famous old rich British rock guitar hero.


So, anyway, I looked around a bit and found a YouTube clip of Beck and Joss Stone playing one of my favorite songs. I believe Tal Wilkenfeld is playing bass, too.

Tal and Joss.

Oh yes. Jeff Beck is my hero. And my patron saint. Forever and ever. Amen.

Here’s the clip:

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