Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Devo And Kim Kardashian

Even though I don’t hang out much at gossip sites—although I do look around now and then for Mischa Barton news—I visit so many different sites in the course of a normal day that I end up glancing through a lot of gossip just sort of by accident. And every now and then I see a piece of gossip that for one reason or another is interesting to me.

Yesterday I heard people talking about Kim Kardashian breaking up with Reggie Bush. Apparently Kim had thought she and Reggie were a couple on the road to getting engaged. Then Kim found herself suffering from what kids these days call a sexually transmitted disease. Kim discovered that while she was being a couple Reggie was sleeping around and Kim’s body was just accumulating all the viruses and bacteria Reggie would scrap off the various other women he was rolling around with and then bring home to her.

I once read in some interview that the guys in Devo thought of themselves as asexual geeks.

That was a generation ago but I suspect in the modern world the whole asexual geek lifestyle might make a comeback.

I can spend hours typing away at my keyboard or hours fretting chords on my guitar and the only impact those hours have on my body is maybe a stiff neck or a callus on one or two fingers. And both my keyboard and my guitar wipe clean with a Windex handy wipe.

Crack that whip
Give the past the slip

I believe it’s time to give the past the slip. This isn’t the world of beatniks, freaks and hippies any longer.

I believe it’s time to crack that whip and give the past the slip.

Are we not men?

Yes, we are. We are asexual geek men. And asexual geek men are safe from the Kim Kardashians of the modern world.

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