Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Strange Vacation

Standing in the hall of the great cathedral
Waiting for the transport to come
Starship 21ZNA9
A good friend of mine studies the stars
Venus and Mars are alright tonight

Come away on a strange vacation
Holiday hardly begun
Run into a good friend of mine
Showed me a sign
Venus and Mars are alright tonight

Right now both here online and out there in the real world I don’t know anybody who is passionate about astrology.

I wish I did know a serious astrology person because now the astronomy things going on in the sky are very interesting.

Astronomy doesn’t look for transcendental meanings in celestial events. Astrology does. The events going on in the heavens right now are so interesting that I bet astrologers are having a great time speculating about what the celestial events portend for us here on Earth.

Closest to Earth, right now the Moon is half full and waning, an evening object but every day moving closer to the dawn and becoming a thinner crescent.

Farther out in space, Venus is also waning, also becoming a thinner and thinner crescent. And Venus is approaching the dawn, too, but—so to speak—from the other side. Venus is an evening object but soon Venus will sink below the evening horizon and emerge into the dawn sky.

In the dawn sky right now, Mars and Jupiter recently became morning objects. They are slowing rising earlier each day, getting higher and higher above the horizon before sunrise. It is as if—and speaking primarily as an amateur astronomer who is only interested in astrology I really mean the as if—Mars and Jupiter were waiting for Venus. By the end of the month Venus will have joined Mars and Jupiter in the dawn sky and for a time they will rise together, all three moving higher and higher above the horizon.

The Sun itself now is about to cross the celestial equator, marking the Vernal Equinox, the start of spring.

All these things are happening right now, right about the same time. By the end of March all the crossings will have been made and Venus will have joined Mars and Jupiter in the dawn sky and the Sun will be north of the celestial equator and a new Moon will be waxing fuller each evening.

It’s not exactly the start of a New Age, but it does seem to be the start of a new something. By knowing about it, by watching it and thinking about it, we participate in it.

I hope this new whatever-it-is turns out well.

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