Friday, March 13, 2009

My First Google Rainbow

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What is a Google Rainbow?

I always have been interested in things like Rorschach tests and casting the I Ching, activities where a person’s internal consciousness interacts with specific elements of the external, larger (presumably?) world.

I use Google image search a lot, both preparing this blog and over in a discussion forum where I like to illustrate points I try to make.

Last night I was thinking about color and it occurred to me that Google image search could generate all manner of examples of colors and the examples I select—at any given time—might be interesting to look back on at some future time.

Google rainbows!

So, this morning to prepare this post I went to Google image search and simply typed in “red” and I looked through a few screens until I found an image that I responded to most strongly as an example of red.

(I suppose there’s something interesting even in the fact that I started with red and not blue, or didn’t start randomly with, say, my favorite color, orange.)

I then continued through the other rainbow colors, getting an image for red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

This was a lot of fun. I noticed right away when looking through images that one image would jump out and stay in my mind very quickly. Even when I looked through page after page of images, it was easy to decide which image to go back and grab.

When I picked an image I saved the source URL as the image’s hotlink so that someday I could go back and check the source if I wanted to.

So, that’s my first Google rainbow.

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